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Kale Chips: A Superfood Snack

It’s Friday eve everyone! That means only one sleep until the weeekdend is in full swing. I went on a little food prep binge last night and made lots of goodies that I am so excited to share! I usually always like the start with the easiest thing to make first just to get it out of the way while I’m prepping. I haven’t had kale chips in a while and I totally forgot how good they are and how simple they are to make! So, let’s talk kale!

Kale is no ordinary green. It is actually a super food packed full of vitamins and minerals! It has so much more nutrients than ordinary romaine lettuce or spring mix. In one cup o raw kale, it contains high amounts of:

  • Vitamin K - 684%

  • Vitamin A - 206%

  • Vitamin C - 134%

...and so much more.

A lot of people over look the fact that vegetables contain a lot of Vitamin C! It’s not only in fruits but it is also in a lot of veggies that are packed full of this natural antioxidant called Vitamin C. It can help our cells get rid of free radicals which are damaging to our cells. It can also improve skin, hair and nails by increasing the amount of collagen our body produces. In the clinical world, Vitamin C is prescribed to patients who have skin wounds to help them heal faster.

As you can see, kale has a high amount of Vitamin K too and some people should be cautious if this. Vitamin K is a natural blood clotting vitamin that will help us to stop bleeding when we cut ourselves or injure ourselves. If someone is on a blood thinner to prevent clots, they should stay away from foods that are high in Vitamin K because it will interact with the medication and add a clotting factor.

When I am craving something really salty and crunchy, instead of grappling chips or pretzels that are high in carbohydrates, I go to making my Kale chips! The kale chips I made only took about 2 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to bake.



  • Break away leaves from kale stem into bite size pieces

  • Place kale leaves, avocado oil and slices into a mixing bowl

  • Mix together

  • Spread on to flat baking sheet with parchment paper

  • Leave room for each leaf! Do not crowd or else they will not bake as well

  • Bake at 325 farenheit for 20 minutes

  • Remove and let cool for 1-2 minutes

  • Enjoy!

If you try these kale chips, let me know what you think and how you like them! Any other spices and flavoring recommendations are very welcome!

Happy Friday eve!


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