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Salted Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Okay, I'm not sure about you guys but a big part of my childhood was Jell-o Chocolate Vanilla Swirls Pudding cups. Yup, I would have almost one a day always as a desert or a snack. So, that probably explains why I absolutely love pudding and chocolate in general. I loved pealing the foil lid off and licking it to get every last drop!! So, instead of continuing to pound processed Jell-o pudding cups in my mid twenties, I wanted to re-create a healthier pudding that will nourish my body and isn't full of sugar or chemicals so I made one with very simple ingredients and is absolutely to die for (chocolate and coffee lovers, get ready). If you still pound Jell-o cups to this day, no judgement ;)

This pudding is different than most because it has a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and electrolytes. It also has very little sugar so it is weight loss friendly as well! The thickness and creaminess of the pudding is provided by the avocado. The addition of avocados to anything helps give thickness and creaminess from the high amount of healthy and filling fats. You all know how much I love my avocados so I take any opportunity to add them to my food.

I have been a big fan of plant based protein lately because of how easy it is to digest. A lot of people, including myself, don't really work that well with milk based protein such as whey. Whey protein can cause bloating, gas or just an upset stomach if you are sensitive to dairy. Plant based protein powder is usually made from soy, hemp or peas. Nuzest protein powder uses golden peas as their source of protein and it is so delicious! I personally love their smooth vanilla flavor and their coffee with MCT functional flavor because it is so versatile and tastes good just by itself with some water or unsweetened almond milk. Definitely give it a try if you are sensitive to whey or are looking for a thicker, cleaner protein powder!

I couldn't just make a regular, boring chocolate avocado protein pudding because that's no fun. I wanted to add some more nutrition and flavor to top it all off and create this massive pudding meal. As for toppings, I used frozen strawberries, flax meal and the Salt Cellar's Espresso infused sea salt and oh my God, let me tell you about that salt!! My favorite topping is always sea salt but this sea salt is infused with some massive flavor that will have your taste buds exploding with espresso goodness. I crave salt and pretty much put it on top of everything. It is a natural flavor enhancer and really lets you experience every bite of your food! The espresso sea salt on top of the chocolate enhances the chocolate flavor all while adding a big punch of espresso flavor. It's heaven. Its like an edible salted mocha but creamy and thick.

The ingredients for my chocolate avocado protein pudding are:

All you have to do is blend the almond milk, protein powder, collagen, cacao powder and avocado together and then top with the strawberries, flax meal and as much espresso salt as you would like!

Most of the time I do more than just three pinches ;)

If you are able to get your hands on this amazing infused sea salt and create my full recipe, let me know how you like it! Comment to let me know how you enjoy your chocolate avocado protein pudding and if you add any other variations of toppings that you like on yours!

Happy Friday! :)

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